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Clients experiences:

 My name is Birgit. I am a mother of 2 children and now I am about to step out into the world as a midwife myself. Angelika was my midwife for both my children and I had Inge for the birth of my second child. Both, Angelika and Inge, have demonstrated excellent skills and midwifery knowledge and truly work with women. They give individualised care as specified by the woman’s needs and have a great rapport with women. I always felt well cared for, listened to and well supported. Angelika and Inge have supported me to have the births I wanted to, which were truly wonderful, positive and empowering. They inspired me so much that I decided to become a midwife myself so I could give women the same positive birthing experience that I had. In my third year of studies I was fortunate to work with Angelika and Inge. Not only was I now able to witness the good care they gave to women as well as theirhigh competence in clinical skills from the perspective of a midwifery student but once again they both supported me and mentored me in becoming a good midwife. I am very grateful to these two wonderful midwives!


The following letter and pic were sent to Angelika from one of her clients.


Hi Angelika

After months of off-and-on "processing" something just clicked tonight.
I had careful planning, I had dreams to have home births... and VBAC's, but I then had two unplanned (but also partly expected) c.sections instead. What clicked for me tonight was that my best intentions were there, and our bodies are amazing things but thank god for YOU, and hospitals, and doctors for knowing when to change the plan.
You are an amazing midwife who supported and respected us but also guided us to have these children safely. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing your knowledge to the births of L and A so that they can be here, in all their perfectness, healthy and happy little people.

Our big girl just started Kindy and goes two mornings a week :-). She is happy and being a typical (very-almost) 3 year old!

Our little boy is growing like a mushroom at almost 5 months. Still exclusively breastfeeding and hasn't started solids just yet - he was 7kg at 11weeks and hasn't been weighed since but I'm fairly sure he is doing just fine. My kids melt my heart. 

(Picture taken by client: Angelica weighing the baby in 2012)
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