Maya Midwives Hawkes Bay NZ

About Us

Maya Midwives is a group of two fully qualified Midwives with a combined total of over 40 years experience.  

We are based in the Hawkes Bay community and offer full pregnancy care which is provided free of charge for Hawkes Bay residents.

We started working as Maya Midwives in 2008 having met and collaborated in a hospital team for six years before that.

We offer a range of labour care and birthing options to meet your needs and expectations. We are all competent and confident in providing waterbirth at home, in a midwifery unit or in a hospital setting.


About our name and logo

The name Maya (in its original form ‘Maia’) was taken from the Greco-Roman goddess for spring and rebirth. Maya was the oldest of the seven sisters, the Pleyades (Matariki) and she is a fertility goddess.

The 'font-style' of Maya was chosen for its Eastern look. Suggesting an Eastern Philosophy of 'body and mind' that is present within the practice of midwifery.

The symbolic logo is reminiscent of the NZ koru — representing mother and child — and is embraced with leaf-like tendrils within a holistic circle. This represents our beliefs in  holistic care with the mother and child union at the centre.


It was only after we decided on the name that we realized that it was very close to the name of the traditional maori midwives who can be found under

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